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Everything you need to get started with Prefense – an 8oz original lemongrass scented bottle for your home and 2 1.5oz original lemongrass scented bottles for work, car, purse, or wherever else you need it. 880 pumps of protection! Unlike alcohol-based hand sanitizers, Prefense won’t dry out your skin while killing up to 99.99% of germs!


Non-toxic, non-flammable, won’t dry out your hands, alcohol-free foam that kills up to 99.99% of germs.


Product is temperature-sensitive and must be stored at temperatures no less than 40 degrees F and no more than 110 degrees F.


Stop worrying about germ transfers and enhance your Infection Control protocol. Prefense™ is a revolutionary, non-toxic, foam hand sanitizer that continually protects against germs and pathogens and more with just one application daily...and is safe for children!


Prefense's active ingredient binds to skin or surfaces and dries into an invisible protective barrier that stands guard against pathogens encountered throughout the day. If a germ transfer occurs, Prefense™ actively slices and the cell wall of pathogens.


Prefense Hand and Skin Sanitizer offers an alternative to Alcohol based Gels. Prefense has a unique formulation that bonds to you skin forming a physical barrier between your skin and pathogens found in everyday life.

Alcohol based gels work only when wet, you put it on wet and when it dries, its gone, and so is your protection!


A single 1.5 oz bottle contains 120 doses. A single 2.0 bottle of Alcohol based gel contains 36-38 doses. One 1.5 oz bottle of Prefense is the dose equivalent of 3.3 2.0 oz. bottles of gel based sanitizer.


Alcohol based sanitizers are flammable and burn when applied over the top of recent scrapes and skin abrasions. Prefense is soothing and moisturizing to your skin.


This product is not intended to mitigate, diagnose, treat, cure or prevent COVID19

Prefense Starter Kit

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